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Bath & Spa Customised Products

121.jpg was created by TORIA to unite people around one cause: Help others who are less lucky in life.

By buying products, enjoying their quality YOU help others.

To find out how Toria’s Community is doing this follow the link bellow and if you wish …become a member. It is free…

How does it work?

Just fill in the form below by choosing the product and ingredients you would like to have in it.

Please, fill in the fields which relates to your desired product type only. You can create only one product per form submission.

For the Bath & Spa products there is a minimum quantity of 9.

After you submit the form we will review and comeback to you with price and clarifications if need be for any.

There are discounts applicable for each order depending on the size.

These type of products can be a great gift for Birthday Part, Wedding and Christening Favour, and many other.

If you are not sure about creation of your product you can always send as an email through our Contact Us page and discuss the personalisation of your desired product.

Note, that the ingredients you add to your desired product will be added to already existing base designed by TORIA for this particular product. All bases contain Kaolin/White clay for its soothing qualities.

To start customising a product please click on the link below.