Toria’s club



I'm Victoria the owner/founder/ designer and formulator of Toria’s products
I decided to create this group called Toria's Club in order to share my passion, knowledge and professional hobby with others.
I would be sharing recipes and techniques (practical and theoretical) which are used in the professional skincare and make up, haircare, spa industry for you (those interested) to be able to create your own beautiful products.
Hope this group will be of interest and help to you. Membership is 50 euro per year.

Below you can see some of the products you should be able to make after becoming a member of Toria’s Club, including soaps, bath bombs, bath butters, foaming washes, bi-phase oils, cleansers, lip balms and many more. By being a part of Toria’s Club you will gain more knowledge and self confidence as a skincare and haircare formulator.