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Delighted to meet Anne from the Cork Girls Club of the Cancer Society…

TORIA donated around 400 soaps from the Novelty Range to the Girls Club in Cork charity shop to fundraise funds for those who is being diagnosed with cancer

HELP OTHERS…what TORIA stands for

I travelled recently to Moldova and heard a story told by a friend of mine. The story of a young mother (23 years old) and two little babies: a girl of 3 years and 6 months and a boy of 1 year and 5 months old left me speechless and made me think that maybe, I and You may do something together to help them…and we did.

TORIA organised a fundraiser online by offering its products, PC Immigration Services got a cooker, an American Charity A Chance To Thrive International had Corina Ivanovna involved in a programme, also, thank you to my friend Liudmila Revenco in Moldova who looked after this family’s best interests back there…and to all those who participated and became a part of these good deed especially to Selena Ni HArgadain and Anne McCormack who donated lots of goodies for this family.

TORIA being one of the junior sponsors and having its products in the goodie bags at the Women’s Inspire network in Galway in April 2018. Let’s see what was peoples’ reaction when they’ve seen TORIA’s products in their goodie bags…

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A new beginning…

I am so excited…I’ve become a member of the Team from Self Starter Magazine…Super :-) Subscribe to Self Starter Newsletter to read TORIA’s Column and Blog and having fun beautifying yourselves with the recipes, tips and techniques I will be giving away.

I with Kajsa Kinsella, the founder and redactor of the Self Starter Magazine.

“I had the fortune of meeting the superwoman that she is, Victoria Hincu of @ToriaOrganic yesterday. She gave me loads of lovely products which I can't wait to review aaaaaand, we have added a new editor to the team!”


TORIA for Children via barnardos ireland

TORIA handcrafted soaps, candles, bath salts and bath bombs and gave presents for children all over the world via Barnardos Ireland.


Civil rights and social Actions

At TORIA we haven't forgotten Focus Ireland ever. Trying hard to cover different aspects and areas of Irish charities 😍😍😍
Every charity supported by TORIA this year received between 150-200 pieces of handcrafted high end cosmetical, spa, beauty and perfumery products made in Ireland by TORIA as a part of the range
To find more about this cause please visit TORIA's website and become a part of our community via the group


Poverty Alleviation

At TORIA we believe in goodness of Christmas 😍😍😍
Over 200 pieces of candles, soaps, scrubs, bath bombs, candle melts, bath salts and bath milks were donated to Inner City Helping Homeless as a result of TORIA's great customers' feedback and support for the range
Being very grateful to everyone who loves and buys TORIA's handcrafted products and by doing so gives an opportunity to the most vulnerable people in our society to have a pleasure of using them too.
To find out more about what TORIA stands for please visit our website
Also, many thanks to Maria from U Store It for great discount on boxes


Our ladys children hospital in crumlin

Delighted that little children's parents who are sleeping beside their babies in Our Ladys Children's Hospital in Crumlin will receive a small Christmas gift from TORIA 😍😍😍
We, at TORIA are very thankful to all our customers who support our cause by being part of it and buying and using with lots of love and pleasure handcrafted TORIA's spa and beauty, perfumery products. This gesture gives us an opportunity to make extra products which can make a difference to someone in a need or in a difficult situation in their life path.
To find more about this cause please visit TORIA's website and become a member of our community via the group